Posted by: Sonia Germain | January 10, 2011

Already Over?

After a well deserved break from the computer, I’m happily returning to my weekly blog in which in will publish tales of my post MBA student life in the weeks to come. Technically, I am still a student until April, but with my specialization behind me, I can start exploring job and venture opportunities! Yay! I hope that like me, you had a wonderful time during the holidays and wish you all a Happy New Year!

My colleague Yuri and I entered the BCIC New Ventures Competition during the past semester, and were fortunate enough to make it past the idea pitch to the top twenty competitors. I’m not gonna lie, it’s been a lot of work, but with the MBA course load winding down, we can concentrate on building a solid business plan during the next few weeks.  We’ll apply our UVic MBA knowledge to an idea that we would like to transplant from other cities around the world: A22-Rent-A-Bike, our company, will provide bike rental services at electronic stations around town. Commuters will be able to rent a bicycle at one station and return it to another station, at their convenience. The technical aspect of the business is what the competition is interested in, but we have a lot more to think about than just the technical aspect. Victoria News covered it here.

On another note, I find the days without classes (even though I’m still super busy with life) to be very long and boring. I miss going to school, interacting with my classroom friends, and I feel like this chapter of my life has gone by too quickly. In December, I didn’t realize it was really over, but now, reality has really sunk in. Anybody else feels/felt like this?

Next week I’ll post photos and comments of our IIME trip to India last April, a definite highlight of my MBA program!



  1. Howdy,
    Welcome back and thanks for posting more stories! Your rent-a-bike concept sounds really interesting. Actually, I’ve thought of a business idea of importing city bikes from Japan to Victoria. I hope your new company will be a tremendous successful in the near future. 🙂 Hey, if you need a volunteer, let me know.

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